Membership Application

2013- Membership

Central Minnesota Team Penning Association

24300 County Road 149 Detroit Lakes, MN 56501

Family Membership $25.00                      Single $15.00


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Why Become a Member?

1.     To become a member of our Family (qualify to participate in specials)

2.     To help us maintain and move foreward with our mission statement

3.     To help support and maintain the success of our shows

4.     To help make it possible for others to enjoy and become a part of our Sport. The continued growth that is needed to survive

5.     Help support the rising cost to maintain all the events and promotions


Mission Statement

Central Minnesota Team Penning Association is committed to providing a place for friendly, fun and competitive Equestrian Sports of the Highest caliber.  Specializing in Team Penning/Ranch Sorting,  Poles/Barrels

Maintaining the integrity of AQHA foundation

Providing an environment that will welcome all levels of exhibitors

Assist in the continued growth of our great sports